EduEnable has consultants specialized in bringing education technology solutions to education institutions, analyzing needs, identifying obstacles and matching institutions with the best edtech provides worldwide.

Our Process

Auditing and mapping of needs and obstacles

Designing process plans and setting criteria for necessary solutions

Identifying potential solutions and ensuring their suitability

Matching the institution with potentially the best provider

Supporting the institution and provider during implementation

Do you need digitalisation consultancy?

With the ever-increasing number of technological solutions on the market it can be more and more difficult to find the correct match for an educational institution’s needs. Furthermore, it can be a daunting task to even start trying to find a suitable solution. Do we need one solution or several? If several, would we need to move data between them and if yes, how could it happen? Should we expect digital solutions to be customizable for our institution or are we willing to change our processes to accommodate specific processes built in the solution?

At EduEnable we have experience with talking with both education institutions and solutions providers. We can help you map your needs and find suitable solutions from the global market, ensuring you will have the best digitalization systems at your disposal that match your needs and processes.

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