In cooperation with top talent in the field EduEnable runs an accelerator for designing education services, where education institutions and educators can accelerate the life cycle of their services with help of professional service designers, consultants, education professionals and edtech companies.

Our Process

Auditing and mapping of needs, obstacles and opportunities

Designing value propositions, services and process maps

Developing strategic plans and setting achievable short and long-term goals with roadmaps

Matching institutions with best edtech solutions and consultants globally to improve digitalization

Assisting institutions across the whole cycle to achieve a new level of quality in offered service

Do you need acceleration consultancy?

While employing consultancies to improve educational services is nothing new, our approach of blending service design and edtechs to holistically improve services offered by education institutions is something that is not on the market anywhere. 

Our experts and mentors in accelerator will take educational service, audit its current processes, pain points and needs and build on it, designing new pathways, finding new opportunities, and integrating newest and best edtech solutions into it. The result will be service that is digitalized and designed according to customer’s needs, making services more available for diverse societal groups.

Integration of EdTech solutions builds new opportunities for long-term partnerships that accelerate startup growth and brings innovative solutions to schools in areas not even foreseen today while driving economic recovery from COVID-19 crisis.

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